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Solve the Puzzle, Win the Money

BreakTheVault.com is a new site where users enter online contests and can win cash and prizes. It's free to play, and members get unlimited guesses to try and solve the puzzle. The first one to answer correctly wins the prize. Each Monday a new game is launched at noon EST and then a new clue is given each day. You need to visit every day if you really want to solve the puzzle because, when a new clue is released, the old one goes away. The contest goes until someone answers correctly, and then a new one starts. It looks like the harder the game is, the bigger the payout. The prize for the current game is $200, and the next one is $250. If you're good at reading clues and solving puzzles, this could be a way to win a little extra money.
money, paid, savings

Free Games, Lots of Free Games

If you have time to spare, or if you just want to have some fun, check out HURAGames.com Flash Games - Free Online Flash Games, Play High Quality Internet Flash Games Now. There are so many games that you can play for free. They have different categories like Action, Puzzle, Classic, Sports, and more, so it's easy to find a game you will like.

I've never played that many video games, but I've always liked Tetris, and they have that one. I started playing it, at Level 1, and messed up almost immediately. You know what that means - I'll have to try again. Another fun thing about this site is that they give you the code to put any game you like on your own site or blog. I'm trying it out with that Tetris game I mentioned:


HURAGames.com - The best free flash games

Look, it works! Now I can waste time on my own blog, and you can, too. Feel free to amuse yourselves, and, if this game isn't for you, I'm sure HURAGames.com has a game you'll like.
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Poker Elimination Challenge

I spend my time on the computer either blogging or updating websites. Jeffrey spends his time playing poker online. He plays with pretend money, but he says he wins a lot and has lots of 'money' in his account. One evening he had some guys from work over, and they played poker in the basement. He says he wants to do that again before too long. Maybe they could change the game up a little and play Poker Elimination Challenge. It's a combination of a poker tournament and a reality survival show. The players play as many hands of Texas Hold 'em as they can within a time limit. At the end of the time, the player with the most chips has earned immunity and can't be voted for. Each player then takes a turn entering a private room and telling a video camera who they vote for by saying, "I know I'm a better poker player than _____." The players then watch the video tape to determine who received the most votes, and the chosen player must challenge one of the players who voted for him to a head-to-head match. The loser of that match is eliminated from the tournament, and then the next round starts.

I guess whoever gets eliminated gets to mix the drinks? I will have to mention this to Jeffrey and see what he thinks after he reads the complete rules for Poker Elimination Challenge. Of course, I know he'll take this as encouragement to start planning another poker night.

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