Anna (bcmom) wrote,

Who Left the Peanut Butter Out?

I was doing something in the kitchen this morning and knocked over the peanut butter jar - the same peanut butter jar that has been sitting on the counter for at least a month.  I might be exaggerating that, but I don't think so.  It's been sitting there since Beth made herself a peanut butter sandwich.  The honey was sitting out too, but I've used that since, so I went ahead and put it away.  The peanut butter I don't use because it's creamy, and I like crunchy.  So this morning when the jar got in the way for the umpteenth time, I just got tired of it.  I had been waiting for Beth to actually put it away.  I know.  I should've realized she wasn't actually going to do it after about 3 days or so.  I still haven't decided how long I should actually wait.  I keep living in hopes that she will actually take responsibility for her own stuff, but so far that hasn't happened. 

This morning, I had finally had it and realized she was never going to put the peanut butter away without being told.  Last night she made herself another peanut butter sandwich.  (I'm thinking maybe it really hasn't been a month because she usually can't go that long in between peanut butter sandwiches.)  Again, she left the peanut butter out.  Why didn't she put it away this time?  She didn't get it out.  Never mind that it was only sitting on the counter because she hadn't put it away last time.  She didn't get it out this time.  I think Cory actually went ahead and put it away since he was in the kitchen. 

Next time - I'm putting a sticker on the bottom with her name and the date.  Then we'll see how long she can avoid taking care of something.

Tags: peanut butter, teenagers

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