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School Registration

It's that time of year again - time to register the kids for school. This year I have one in Middle School and one in *GASP!* High School. So I went to register the both of them for school this evening. Big Mistake! I was going to do it tomorrow when I pick them up from band camp. They get out of band at 2:00, and then we could register them. However, my darling teenage son wanted to find out his schedule and just didn't think he could wait until tomorrow. Beth was washing cars after band camp - a fundraiser to help pay for those color guard uniforms - so we had to go back and pick her up at 6:00. So I got the bright idea to go ahead and register them after we picked Beth up. After all, we were already over there.

When we got over to the High School/Middle School building, the front hallway was filled with people. The actual picking up the class schedules and getting the locker assignments wasn't too bad. We filled out, signed, and turned in all the information they wanted. And then we waited. And waited. And waited. One line to pay all registration fees, and for some reason that I still don't understand, it was taking forever. On top of that, the air conditioning had been turned off so it was not only crowded but hot too.

I finally got a little closer to the front of the line. Then they opened a second line - one just for Middle School. Well, like I said before, I have one in Middle School and one in High School. So I stayed in my line while several people from behind me moved over into the new line. Finally, it was my turn - but not so fast. The lady who had just finished in the Middle School line had a student in High School too, so she got to move ahead of me in my line and pay for her High School student. This was a woman who had originally been behind me in line, and now she got to move ahead?

What is especially irritating about the whole thing is that I should never have had to waste all that time in the first place. There was nothing that could not have been handled through the mail - send the papers to us; we fill them out and send them back with a check. The kids could not have gone and checked out their lockers, but they could have always done that later - like tomorrow at band camp.

I believe strongly in doing everything over the Internet and hate paying for postage, but I would gladly pay postage to avoid the hassle. Or I could just have been smart enough to register them tomorrow. There are probably fewer people during the day. Remind me of that next year!


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