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Because I Always Forget

I'm changing the sheets on our bed today.  I'm going to put the regular sheets back on, instead of the flannel sheets we used all winter.  While I'm at it, I'm taking the electric blanket off the bed, too.  I don't think we'll need that again until next winter.  As I was taking the electric blanket off, I looked at it, trying to remember which way it goes on the bed.  If I put it on upside down, then my controls will control Jeffrey's side of the bed instead of mine, and vice versa.  Every year, when I go to put it on the bed, I can't remember which way it is supposed to go.  Sometimes I get lucky and do it right.  Sometimes I don't.

Today I decided to give up.  I know I won't remember.  So I'm posting it here.  The plug and the label go on the top of the blanket.

Now, if I just remember that I put it here.
Tags: electric blanket, forgetfulness

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