Anna (bcmom) wrote,

Going to the Movies!

There aren't that many movies that we feel a need to see in the theater. For most movies we can just wait for the DVD to come out. Some movies we wait even longer for because I request them from the library. Some of those waiting lists get really long, but eventually we get the movie. We get to keep it for a week, and it doesn't cost us anything. We have a pretty good set-up for viewing movies at home, with the projector, screen, and Surround Sound.

However, there are some movies that just must be seen on the UltraScreen. There are several coming out this summer, and we're starting on Sunday by seeing Spider-man 3.  It's been a while since we've seen anything in the theater.  Since then they have torn down the theater we usually go to, and we were starting to wonder if we would have to see all the summer blockbusters without benefit of an UltraScreen.  Worry no more.  The brand new Marcus Majestic Cinema opened last night.  The Majestic has not one, but two UltraScreens.  Of course, we personally only need one because we can only watch one movie at a time. 

It sounds like this new theater is really amazing, so I'm looking forward to checking it out.  I'll probably even take pictures.  They are hoping to get more business because of everything they offer there - not just movies, but dinner, cocktails, and babysitting services.  Of course, now that I have teenagers, I have no need of babysitting services, but I'm thinking how handy  that could have been.  No need to find a babysitter when you want to see a movie.  Simply sign up when you get your movie tickets, and you can drop your kids off right there at the theater, while you enjoy a movie.  Very cool.

I don't see a increase in our movie-going because of this theater, but, when we do go, it ought to be really cool.
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