Anna (bcmom) wrote,

We Want to Get Rid of the Carpet

One of the goals we have for our house, whether we stay in this one or end up moving, is to remove all of the carpet and put in hard surfaces.  Currently we have ceramic tile in the kitchen, dining room, front entryway, and bathrooms, and we have laminate in the kids' bedrooms.  Someday soon we want to rip out the carpet in the living room, hallway, and our bedroom, and put in solid wood flooring.  Yeah, laminate is good enough for the extra bedrooms, but we get hardwood floors, maybe reclaimed wood floors?  I like the idea of being Green and using reclaimed materials.  I guess we'll have to see what we can afford and what we like.

If we lived in Florida, Arizona or someplace like that, I think I'd like TerraCotta Tiles from throughout the entire house.  These handmade tiles are gorgeous, but I just don't think terracotta floors are the right thing for Wisconsin.  Maybe I'm wrong because large terracotta tiles were used in the first radiant heating applications in ancient Roma, so maybe those clay tiles could be used to help keep the house warm.  Of course, there would be more to it than just installing the tiles on the floor.  I'm just thinking about how cool they can be in the summer - especially appreciated in areas with really hot summers.  I bet those people down south that are already getting temperatures in the 80s and 90s are appreciating their terra cotta flooring if they have it.  We don't get super hot summers here, but I still think I'd love the feel of these tiles under my feet.

It's not just the coolness or the heat, though.  I think solid wood floors actually fit our house better than Terra cotta tile would - no matter how much I might like the looks of it - and that it's freshly baked and handmade in Italy, France or Spain.  How cool is that? Then again, I could get hardwood flooring made in the USA, and that's important too. This company sells some gorgeous solid wood flooring, and since they own the land, there is no middleman - meaning great wood floors at a better price.

Yep, it will be tough deciding exactly what we want, but we will eventually get rid of all the carpet.  Except probably in the basement.  Either way, this site has plenty of great-looking options.
Tags: 03/13, around the house, floors, home improvement

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