Anna (bcmom) wrote,

And, We've Got Snow Again

After all that snow and all that drifting we had - so much that I couldn't find the septic vent without much tramping around in the snow and searching - we had several days of warm weather and sunshine, and most of the snow melted away.  By this weekend our yard was mostly just grass, with a few small piles of snow left.  Then Sunday came, and we got rain and sleet and maybe a bit of snow, but it didn't add up to anything.  I guess further north they got quite a bit of snow, though.

Monday morning we were expecting snow, so instead of walking, we went out to shovel.  It really hadn't done much overnight, so there wasn't much to push off.  We did it anyway, just because.  We got the snow off the top, but couldn't completely clean the driveway.  There was a layer of ice under everything, and the wind was pretty strong, so we decided it would not be a good day to walk.  The odds of staying on our feet weren't too good.

We didn't get to walk again this morning - because it really did snow overnight.  Once again, we have snow, a nice white blanket over everything.  So we shoveled instead of walking.  It's exercise either way, and the snow is prettier than that ugly brown grass.  When spring comes and the grass starts to turn green, that will be a different story.
Tags: exercise, snow, walking, winter

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