Anna (bcmom) wrote,

Big New Year's Eve bash

Guest post written by Olivia Baker

I've been wanting to throw a big New Year's Eve party for the past couple of years, but we've travelled for Christmas, which has made throwing a party just a few days later too big of a hassle. But I decided that I would actually go through with it this year. So right now I'm in the last leg of planning for it.

I've gotten most of the ideas for the party from blog posts about party planning that I've found online. A few nights ago when I was looking through some of them, I came across some information about satellite internet packages and after I found some more information, I signed up for one of them.

For New Year's, I got some really funk looking plastic cocktail glasses to drink champagne out of and I'm also making some really good finger foods for everyone to have too. I'm going to be spending so much time cooking and getting ready for it, but I'm sure that it will be worth it all.

Tags: 01/11

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