Anna (bcmom) wrote,


I am so frustrated right now I could just cry.

It finally cooled down enough that I could turn off the air conditioning and open all the windows.  But now I've had to close them all again, but not soon enough.  I was hearing a motor outside, thinking someone must be mowing his lawn.  That is, until I started smelling a nasty chemical smell seep into my house.  It wasn't someone mowing.  It's the guy from TruGreen spreading nasty chemicals on the yard next door, and all his lovely chemicals are coming right into my house.

He had all those days when it was hot, when the windows were closed and the air was on, but did he do it then?  Oh no - he had to wait until the weather cooled down and the windows were wide open.  And was there any kind of warning? Nope.  It really should be part of the whole process - inform all the neighbors that nasty chemicals will be in the air and give them time to close the windows.

I know this is his job - how he stands it, I have no idea - but I am not liking him at all right now.  It doesn't help that I woke up with a headache, and this is making it worse.
Tags: frustration, headache, smells

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