October 7th, 2011

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There's an Echo in Here

If anybody's still out there reading this every once in a while, I'm sure you've noticed all the tweets.  I just don't get here very often any more, so I set it up so twitter posts automatically.  That at least gives links to the stuff I'm actually posting and the places I'm going.

Some of the tweets look like I'm repeating myself, though.  I have my blogs set up to automatically post to twitter when I post something.  Recently a lot of the posts are tweeting twice - once without the link and then again with the link to the post.  I'm not sure why I'm getting that first linkless tweet, and it's bugging me.  I think it might have something to do with switching to the new blogger interface, because I don't think it started until after I did that.  I guess I could always switch back...  It's nice of them to give the option - unlike Facebook which is always changing, and people just have to adapt. 

Me, I like the new facebook.  I like the new timeline it's going to even better - so much that I upgraded already.  And normally I don't like change.  I like to get comfortable with something and settle in.  I guess you never know.

Now I need to go figure out why some of my posts here - those automatic tweet posts - are posting with a different language.  There must be a setting somewhere, right?  Anybody having that issue?