March 2nd, 2011

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To Have Satellite TV or Not?

A lot of people we know have canceled their Satellite TV and Cable TV and get all their television shows via the Internet and/or service like Netflix.  I tried to convince my husband that it would save us a lot of money if we did the same thing.  We can get our local channels with the antenna in the attic, and practically everything else is available online - and it's amazing how often there's 'nothing on' even with all the channels we get anyway!

Jeffrey wasn't completely convinced about living without his satellite TV.  He especially didn't want to miss out on watching his Illini basketball games, and I don' t think there's any way to watch those most of the time, unless you have ESPN or the Big 10 Channel.  Also, he sat down and figured out the cost of buying either a BluRay player or computer to use for playing Netflix shows and movies and compared that to the cost of paying for Direct TV for the next two years, with all the promotional deals they offer, and came to the conclusion that it would actually cost less to switch from Dish Network to Direct TV.  I'm just going to believe him on this, because he's the cost accountant...

So we switched, and we've got Direct TV for the next couple years.  After that, we either need to re-visit the antenna/Netflix option or switch back to the other company - because they only give the best deals to new customers.  I personally think they should give the best deals to everyone, new customers and old.  That way, they would get and keep customers based on what they have to offer, not just sign-up incentives that go away after the first year.

We had Starz and Showtime free for 3 months, but we just canceled that, since our 3 months was up.  I recorded a bunch of movies on the DVR while we had the movie channels, so we can watch them later - sometime when there's 'nothing on' I'm sure!