February 9th, 2011

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Lost and Found

Earlier this winter I was noting how the snow in our back yard was so smooth, while the neighbors' back yard snow was all churned up.  The difference?  They have two dogs.  It doesn't take long for them to mess up all that pristine snow by running around the yard.

This time we've got some messed up snow in our back yard, too.
all churned upIt snowed so much and the drifts were so deep that the vent pipe for our septic system was completely covered.  This is not a good thing, because if it can't vent where it's supposed to, it's going to vent somewhere - and that's not a good thing.  We realized this a few winters ago when the cap got knocked off, and the pipe filled with snow, and we started wondering, "What's that smell?"  Thankfully, once we figured it out, the problem was easy to fix.

This time?  First we had to find the vent.  Looking back, I'm thinking we should have put some kind of tall neon marker or something on it - so it would have been sticking out of the snow, making the vent easy to find.  Or at least have noted ahead of time exactly where that thing was.  Our neighbors didn't need to call Cary tree removal after the tornado so we could have lined it up with one of their trees - or something.

back yardBut, no, instead I went tromping off through the snow - some of those drifts were up to my thighs - and tried to find the thing.  I knew it was somewhere in the back yard, in from our one remaining tree.  We had to call something like tree removal Durham NC to get rid of the other ones because they were so damaged.  The back corner of our yard looks so naked now.  But anyway, I figured out that tromping around in the snow looking for a vent pipe is really good exercise!  But I didn't find it.  Then I thought to take a shovel out and dig through the snow, which is also good exercise, but I still didn't find it.  So I sent my husband out when he got home from work, and he couldn't find it either.

The next day I took my camera out because I wanted to get some pictures of all the snow in the back yard and the back of the house, and I tried one more time - and I found it right away.  We were so close!  And I made a note of where it is, for future reference.  It lines up with a wooden pole at the back of one neighbor's shed and a tree on the other side of another neighbor's yard.  They're not allowed to call Raleigh tree removal or Waukesha County tree removal or any kind of tree removal service, because I need that tree to stay right where it is.