February 3rd, 2011

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Let's Talk About the Weather

Weather.  It's what we talk about when we can't think of anything else to talk about.  Lately, it seems that no one can think of anything else to talk about.  Facebook, Twitter, the TV news - it's all about the weather.  A blizzard across the entire middle section of the country, temperatures in Texas colder than temperatures in Alaska.  It really is kind of crazy.

I can understand people in southern states who aren't used to snow and ice and cold temperatures going on and on about it.  It's unusual weather.  It really is something to talk about.  Here in Wisconsin though, it's normal to have cold and snow in the winter.  That doesn't stop our local TV news crew from going on and on about it.  There's one channel in particular that drives me absolutely bonkers.  For some reason, they think they need to stay on the air all day long, pre-empting regularly scheduled programming, in order to talk about every single detail of the bad weather - repeatedly.  I mean, yes,we did get a lot of snow this week, and the wind blowing that snow around made the roads treacherous and cut visibility way down, but how many times can you tell people that?  Or, correction - how many times do you need to tell people that?
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Someday We'll be too Old to Shovel

shoveling that snowIt took us over 2 hours to shovel out the driveway yesterday morning.  Those are the kind of days that make us think that having a snow blower would be nice.  Most of the time, shovels work just fine.  We either don't get that much snow at once, or we can shovel it a time or two while it's coming down so we don't have to do it all at once.  It's rare that it snows and blows all night long so that the driveway is covered with knee-deep drifts in the morning.  And most of the time we just think of shoveling as good exercise.

Now, when we get older and can't handle it anymore, we'll have to think about getting that snow blower, finding someone else to shovel our driveway, or maybe we could just buy a house in Hawaii and get away from the snow altogether.  That would definitely be nice.  Of course, there's just a tiny bit of difference between the $600 or so it would cost for the snow blower and the cost of that new house.  I guess I better start saving now!  I wonder if this mortgage calculator can help me figure out how much money I will need to save?

In the meantime, I'm just going to be thankful that we're physically able to shovel our own driveway and that it doesn't usually pile up quite so high.  If you'd like, you can check out my snow pictures.  Yes, everyone else was sharing their pictures of the Blizzard of 2011, Snowmageddon, Snowpocalypse, etc. so I figured I'd share too.  When IF I ever get that house in Hawaii, when everyone else is sharing snow pictures and blizzard stories, I'm going to share pictures of the beach! 

Is that mean?