January 26th, 2011

me, Anna

Mood: Accomplished

I got the printer set up on my new computer!  I really don't print much, so I've been making do with printing from the other computers in the house, but it's still been frustrating.  My computer could see the printer, but it kept telling me that it couldn't connect because the path was wrong or some such nonsense.

I'm not sure what made the difference, changing my workgroup yesterday, which let me see the other computers and hard drives, or setting up the printer as a local server instead of a network server.  I'm not sure why a printer on a print server on the network needs to be added as a local printer, but that's what it wanted.  Somewhere in the back of my mind I vaguely remember that from setting it up ages ago on the old computer - but these aren't things I do every day, so they aren't things I always remember.

Anyway, I can print now!