January 6th, 2011

me, Anna

One Little Comment, so Much Commotion

All I said was:

Being gay is not something to CELEBRATE. So tired of them trying to convince us that it is.
Tuesday at 2:42pm

7 people liked it and the comments kept coming:  (I'm using initials instead of full names, though I think the whole thread is publicly available on my facebook page)
MS - Would you rather celebrate living in the dark ages? Anna, the abuse gays & lesbians have endured is unacceptable. He who is without sin cast the first stone. Please put down the rock Anna.
Tuesday at 3:03pm
Anna - I do not condone abuse, but that is a far cry from celebrating.
Tuesday at 3:05pm
CH - Live and let live.
Tuesday at 3:09pm
MS -  I would prefer celebration to living in a closet for 50 years because of fear.
Tuesday at 3:10pm
CP - It's also not something to be proud of. I'm tired of the media trying to shove it down our throats that this should be accepted as a legitimate lifestyle. It is NOT legitimate, and it should NOT be accepted.

I'm also sick of the lie that it... isn't a choice, and that it's something they are born with.
Tuesday at 3:51pm
LE - I don't think sin is a thing to celebrate. At the same time, I don't think they made a conscious choice to be gay, but they can make a choice not engage in homosexual activity. They can live like Catholic priests are supposed to live, a celibate life. I don't believe God would be so cruel as to throw a switch in a fetus' brain to cause it to be same sex oriented
Tuesday at 4:02pm
KR-S - Being gay is just who they are. Gay people don't just choose to like who they like off of a whim. They are wired to be attracted to their own sex or both, if they're bisexual. You go to church and quote the Bible on your facebook. That's a ...form of celebration, no? You know, being alive and proud of who you are and not afraid of showing it despite the bigots in this world is reason enough to celebrate. Get off your high horse and realize they are people just like you.
Gays wake up in the morning, go to work, eat lunch, eat dinner, etc. just like you and me. They have one simple difference and that is who they love. And if you can't accept people for loving who they want to, how can you accept someone who, I don't know, speaks another language. You can't understand them. They probably have different customs. So, why should they be so proud to be Spanish or German? Why should a black man be proud of his looks when he might look different from his co-workers and friends?
I love the gays! They are so sassy and full of personality and great taste in clothing and music. Gays know what's fancy and what's trash. I'd even dare to tell you bigots that being gay means high class because of the way they live. And guess what? Despite your hatred toward them and possibly me because I love the gays, I love you. Quite platonic-ally, but I do. We all live harsh lives and need someone to care for each other. Hate all you want. Because they're queer and they're here. Just accept it and your ulcers will go away.See More
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CP - So, we're bigots because we dare to have a sense of morality? That is something that is desperately lacking in this world. Just because we denounce the queer lifestyle does not mean we hate the people. I have a brother-in-law that is gay. I love him, but I in no way can condone his lifestyle, and I never will.
Tuesday at 4:16pm
K R-S - Why does his private life have be any concern to yours?
Tuesday at 4:20pm
MS - ‎"What do you think of gay marriage? He said, I think gays have the right to be just as miserable as the rest of us." (Man of the Year - Robin Williams)
Tuesday at 4:52pm
Anna  - Here's another problem I have - the throwing around of the word 'hate'. Saying that something is not right is not the same things as hate. Abuse, bullying, etc. - those would qualify. There are a lot of things in this world that are wrong. Is the answer to simply accept everything? After all, we wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings, would we?
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MS - Jesus was friends with Tax Collectors and Prostitutes.
Tuesday at 4:58pm ·1 person Likes this
Anna  - and being a tax collector is nothing to celebrate, either.
Tuesday at 5:00pm
MS - The world is not black & white. It's mostly shades of gray.
Tuesday at 5:00pm
NG - Sin is black and White
Tuesday at 5:09pm · 1 person Likes this
MS - No it isn't. Why would you capitalize white?
Tuesday at 5:23pm
NG - Ah because I typed wrong. Wow!! That is why things get turned around and twisted. I don't celebrate homosexuality either. To me it is black and white- the Bible calls it a sin.
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MS - Who's Bible? Who's translation? Which version? Sin is simply missing the mark, and we all miss the mark.
Tuesday at 5:31pm
Anna - That's the point, MS - we all miss the mark - but we don't all celebrate when we do. We repent; we ask forgiveness; we don't try to re-define God's law so that we can continue in our sins.

NLT 1 Corinthians 6:9 Don't you know that those... who do wrong will have no share in the Kingdom of God? Don't fool yourselves. Those who indulge in sexual sin, who are idol worshipers, adulterers, male prostitutes, homosexuals, 10 thieves, greedy people, drunkards, abusers, and swindlers -- none of these will have a share in the Kingdom of God.

If sharing in the Kingdom of God is not a priority, then I suppose none of this stuff matters...
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Anna - Also, WHY did Jesus eat with the sinners and tax collectors? Because he wanted to let them know their sins were just fine with him?

NKJ Matthew 9:10 Now it happened, as Jesus sat at the table in the house, that behold, many tax collectors a...nd sinners came and sat down with Him and His disciples. 11 And when the Pharisees saw it, they said to His disciples, "Why does your Teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners?" 12 When Jesus heard that, He said to them, "Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick.
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MS - Do good in this life and let God worry about the afterlife. I for one am not wasting my time on a kingdom that may or may not be coming. I'm celebrating now, with my gay friends.
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SK - I think all religions are judgmental. Catholics think they're right...Jews think they're right..and so on and so on...I think a person's sexuality is their own business and we as Christians shouldn't condemn them to hell...we should mind our own business and let God decide when their time comes.
Tuesday at 8:39pm
DD - when you look at the facts it takes alot of abuse to turn a person.
Yesterday at 12:49am
GC - Sorry this is so much later but I just saw this. This is such a heated debate....wow! I have definite views, too, but for sake of my personal time today, I would just like to share with you all a piece of scientific info which really helped... clarify some questions I had about homosexuality. Personally, I view this as solid scientific evidence and I want to share it because what I hate in this life is all the misinformation/lies/chaos spread by the enemy of mankind. And, usually we're all so busy with our own lives that we certainly don't have time to research down to the facts like we need to. I read a lot of scientific health info and several years ago I came across something very interesting about homosexuality: Apparently, some unborn babies somehow have their magnetic polarities reversed in the womb which, if not reversed back, causes them to develop traits the reverse of their natural gender. The degree of this opposite development is determined by the degree of the strength of the energetic principles at work. I wish I could draw a picture because that would make it much clearer. There are several spots on the front of our bodies that spiral outward and every other one spins oppositely pulling in energy or pushing out so that males are attracted to females and vice versa. So there really is "magnetic" attraction and it extends way out in front of our bodies. With someone who recognizes themself as homosexual, they may have all or some of those spirals reversed and/or at varying strengths of magnetism. I need to study it more to be able to explain it any better. It's my educated guess that some people might be born with a slight tendency which they increase the strength of if and when they choose to be intimate with another person who has their magnetisms strongly differentiated. For anyone who is concerned, you can supposedly balance your baby's magnetisms to their born gender by placing their hands, palms down, over their chest area (with elbows out) for a few minutes every day while they are resting on their backs.
Yesterday at 11:41am
DD - it makes sense that they can measure this with magnetics and electrical properties. We are after bioelectrical on the phyiscal level. We measured cancer in the reseach lab. Men love power so the'll abuse others to get it. still does get at ...the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual abuse, ie sin, it takes to do that to someone. in a society where they can cut up the unborn for research. a church can turn it back on abuse of children, and is basically immoral it is not suprising to hear what is considered ok. You only need to read history to see where things are going, anyones history, so no one has an excuse. Bet most of the auto immune deaseases are on theis spectrum. Aids beeing the most severe.
20 hours ago

I guess I should have stuck to something a bit less controversial - like saying that sex without marriage, having children outside of marriage, divorce due to 'irreconcilable differences' and serial marriage - and any number of other things - are not something to celebrate.  But, this is not God's world, and no one wants to hear that right and wrong even exist any more, and they certainly don't want anyone to tell them how to live their lives.  Whatever.

Maybe the best comment was 'live and let live' - kinda what I was saying.  If you don't care about God, morality, or right and wrong, then just go about your life.  Don't constantly try to convince me that your sin, or the sin of your immoral friends, is a good thing.  It's not.  It's something you have to deal with.  You will have to live with the consequences, and for that I am sorry.