August 24th, 2008

me, Anna

Enter Stouffer's Panini Contest

I'm kind of jealous of you Canadians, because you can enter the Stouffer's Panini Contest. I know I shouldn't be, because there are plenty of contests open to U.S. residents only, but there are some really nice prizes in this one. They're giving away Vespa LX50 scooters. Several have already been given away, and there are more just waiting to be awarded. With the cost of gas these days, one of these scooters would really come in handy, wouldn't it? I was just talking to my brother in law about that the other night. He's looking for a motorcycle and having a hard time finding one. It seems all the motorcycles and scooters are selling like crazy because people are doing whatever they can to save gas.

This contest ends soon - on September 2, 2008 - and it sounds like they want to give away all the prizes. Simply fill in your information, and find out instantly whether you've won, with no waiting. Besides the scooters, they are giving away 40 Panini prize packs every day, and Stouffer’s prize packs with coupons for Paninis as well as a cooler lunch bag. A scooter would be nice, but those sound like some decent prizes, too. Stouffer's has 8 panini varieties, and they all look pretty good, and easy, too. I wouldn't mind winning some, or at least some coupons so I can save some money when I buy them.

So, if you're Canadian, and you haven't yet entered the Stouffer's Panini Contest do give it a try.  One entry per person, and you'll find out right away if you're a winner.  Let me know if you win, OK?