March 6th, 2008

me, Anna

Catching Up, Keeping Up

It's my own fault.  I've started more blogs than I probably need, and I don't give each of them the attention they deserve.  There's only so much time in the day, and I just don't get to everything I want to.  Like today, I have things that need done around the house, but I'm moving very slowly because I woke up with a headache this morning.  I hate that!  I think it has to do with the nail stuff Beth stunk the house up with yesterday.  I stopped really noticing the smell after a while, but this morning I noticed it again - especially after walking into the house after my our walk.  (Jeffrey is still walking with me in the mornings.)  So, I'm guessing that, even though I wasn't noticing the smell, the fumes are still affecting me.   I do need to go downstairs and work on the computer down there, so hopefully that will help, since the basement door has been closed all night.  Of course, then I won't want to come upstairs.

I made sourdough bread again yesterday.  I started this starter right after the Spring Holy Days last year, and I've been using it all year.  It still amazes me how well this works - no packaged yeast at all, just natural yeast from the air and all this wonderful fermentation.  This starter makes great pancakes, too.

Weird how I have plenty of things to say until I sit down and try to say them...

I installed Windows Live Writer yesterday and set up a couple of my blogs.  It was really easy, so I'm testing it out and will probably set up all my blogs.  Maybe that will make it easier for me to keep things updated?  I guess we'll see.