March 4th, 2008

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Buzz for Your Blog

A common theme on a lot of the blogs I visit is the desire to increase blog traffic. We want people to visit our blogs, but finding a good way to make that happen isn't always easy. Recently I signed up for to try and get more traffic. It works by adding a widget to the end of posts you want people to notice. Invite your friends, build your circle, and get people to rate your posts. Popular items show up on the front page so more people will see them, or people can search for content they're interested in. For instance, I submitted a post on changing your template in Blogger. If you search for the keyword 'template' my post comes up.

Buzzfuse can also help promote photos, videos, songs, or whatever else you want to promote. It's all pretty easy and, did I mention FREE? I think the hardest part is deciding what posts I want to build buzz for. I need to get busy building my circle and submitting more posts though, because they're giving away 1000 premium accounts (value ±$180.00). To be eligible, you need to have more than 30 people in your circle and have submitted at least 2 items.

Here's the Buzzfuse widget that helps market content:
Use Buzzfuse* to easily rate, review, and share this item