February 29th, 2008

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Free Games, Lots of Free Games

If you have time to spare, or if you just want to have some fun, check out HURAGames.com Flash Games - Free Online Flash Games, Play High Quality Internet Flash Games Now. There are so many games that you can play for free. They have different categories like Action, Puzzle, Classic, Sports, and more, so it's easy to find a game you will like.

I've never played that many video games, but I've always liked Tetris, and they have that one. I started playing it, at Level 1, and messed up almost immediately. You know what that means - I'll have to try again. Another fun thing about this site is that they give you the code to put any game you like on your own site or blog. I'm trying it out with that Tetris game I mentioned:


HURAGames.com - The best free flash games

Look, it works! Now I can waste time on my own blog, and you can, too. Feel free to amuse yourselves, and, if this game isn't for you, I'm sure HURAGames.com has a game you'll like.
money, paid, savings

What Do You Mean I don't Get my Rebate?

I got an envelope from Microsoft today.  I thought it was one of my rebate checks, and I thought, "Wow, that was fast!"  Imagine my dismay when I opened the envelope and found out it was a letter telling me they could not honor my rebate.  What do you mean?  I checked and checked again before I mailed that rebate.  I know it was right.  Luckily they included a toll-free number to call with questions.  I had questions.  I called.  I talked to a very nice young man who assured me that the problem was on their end.  For some reason one of the rebates was in the system wrong so it wasn't going through.  The rebate processors were trying to run it through with the same number and information as another one of my rebates, so it kicked it out and told them I had exceeded my limit - 1 per household.  He said they had tried to get this corrected 3 weeks ago but were still having problems. 

I'd think they'd want to get this fixed as soon as possible instead of wasting time and postage mailing out these rejection letters.  Do people just read the letter and let it go?  That would save them the $20 on that rebate because they wouldn't know to go into the system and correct it.  Anyway, they are pretty fast, because they mailed me one $20 check yesterday, and they'll get the other $20 out to me in the next couple of weeks.