February 18th, 2008

money, paid, savings


I went online this morning to pay the power bill.  The power company called a while back and warned me, but I really wasn't prepared for this.  We're on the budget billing program, so our payment is the same every month, regardless of the power we use.  There's also a running total going telling us where we stand with actual charges - whether we have a credit or will owe extra when we get to Month 12.  I used to pay extra some months to try and keep that total to $0, but it got really confusing because they don't apply the payment to that.  Instead they take it off of the next month's budget payment and lower that down.  So I just gave up and pay the budget amount and then pay whatever extra we owe when I get to Month 12.  Periodically they adjust the budget amount, and they called last month to tell me they were adjusting it and to look on my bill.  There it was - our budget amount went up from $215 per month to $272 per month.  I'd say that's some adjustment.

I guess I'll have to wait until the end of the 12 months to see if they adjusted properly or are just going a little crazy because it's winter and power usage is up - and energy costs, too.