Anna (bcmom) wrote,

Don't be So Possessive

I get so tired of the inappropriate use of apostrophes everywhere.  It seems to happen all the time in facebook status updates and comments.  Apostrophes where they don' t belong, missing apostrophes where they should be.  Are people just being lazy?  After all, it's just a quick update, and no one is going to care, right?  Or maybe they really don't know any better and really believe a plural word needs an apostrophe. 

Here's a good one:  "Yep if he aint playing for the Packer's any more who care's if he is retired or not."  (Speaking about Brett Favre, a man with a name that is either spelled wrong or pronounced wrong, which in itself bugs me, never mind that people in Wisconsin just can't shut up about him.)

Assuming ain't is actually a word, which it probably ain't (*grin) we're looking at a missing apostrophe and then some extra ones thrown in to make up for it.  Personally I also would have said he's instead of he is, but I suppose that's a personal choice.  Judging from the rest of the comment, if a contraction had been chosen it would have been spelled hes, of course.

I know, I shouldn't be so picky.  After all, it's great being able to reconnect with so many people on facebook.  I may have stopped writing to my best friend way back in 3rd grade because her letters were so full of misspelled words and grammar mistakes, but I'm all grown up now.  Surely I can handle it.  It's just that sometimes I want to scream!

Let's not even get into people who not only say could of, should of, or would of, but actually type it out for the whole world to read, or at least all their friends.

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Tags: facebook, frustration, grammar

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