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Your Fine is Paid

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I was reading yesterday when I happened to glance down at the library receipt I've been using as a bookmark.  My name wasn't on the receipt - the book was checked out to my friend flowerppot  - and it was due last Friday, the 12th

Because I occasionally check books out for Peggy, I have her library card on my keyring along with mine.  I thought I was always careful to check my own books out with my card and hers with hers, but obviously I got them mixed up this time, and didn't realize it.  I've been checking my account online to see what was due and when, but never thought to check hers.  Oops. 

Cory had a volunteer appreciation thing at the library last night, so I sent the book with him to return, but first I put a hold on it because I wasn't finished!  Cory returned the book and paid Peggy's my fine.  It didn't actually cost him anything because he has a fine amnesty card he got at last year's volunteer appreciation dinner, so he put it on that.  It's going to expire next month and he's barely used it anyway, and he got a new one last night. 

And, because I had put a hold on the book, when Cory returned it, my name came up - and he checked the book out, to me this time. 

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