Anna (bcmom) wrote,

Don't Mess with My Clocks!


Image by Evgeni Dinev via Flickr

I'm really enjoying having light in the mornings.  I walk out the door, and it's already light.  But, of course, that's going to change.

Monday morning, while enjoying the lightness, a scary thought entered my head.  "When does the time change?"  I looked at the calendar on the wall - nothing on any of the Sundays.  Whew!  I have a few weeks.

Then later I realized that I hadn't flipped the calendar to March.  I was still looking at February.  When I turned the page I saw that Daylight Saving Time starts this Sunday.  Already?  I just get my morning light, and they're taking it away from me?  NO!  Don't touch my clocks!

Sure, I walk all winter in the dark, and it's OK, I get used to it.  But now I've been teased with this little bit of light, and I want to keep it. 
  • total miles as of last Friday - 366
Tags: daylight savings, walking, walking shoes

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