Anna (bcmom) wrote,

Solve the Puzzle, Win the Money is a new site where users enter online contests and can win cash and prizes. It's free to play, and members get unlimited guesses to try and solve the puzzle. The first one to answer correctly wins the prize. Each Monday a new game is launched at noon EST and then a new clue is given each day. You need to visit every day if you really want to solve the puzzle because, when a new clue is released, the old one goes away. The contest goes until someone answers correctly, and then a new one starts. It looks like the harder the game is, the bigger the payout. The prize for the current game is $200, and the next one is $250. If you're good at reading clues and solving puzzles, this could be a way to win a little extra money.
Tags: 03/08, games, winning

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