Anna (bcmom) wrote,

Don't Forget the Coupon Codes

Last night Cory was trying to find a replacement battery for his iPod. It keeps dying every time he wants to listen to it. Really, he doesn't want the battery replaced. He wants a brand-new MP3 player, and he's decided he wants the 80GB Zune. His dad is planning to buy him one for his 16th birthday in July, but in the meantime, he needs something, so that's what the replacement battery is for.

They found one online and were ready to order it but first I made them look for coupons at Coupon Chief to see if they could get a better deal - free shipping, anything. Unfortunately there was nothing for this particular site, but at least we looked! It would just bother me to buy something and then later find out there was a coupon we should have used. When it's time to buy that Zune, I'm sure we will be looking for Best Buy coupons or Circuit City coupons - or coupons for whichever site has the best price.
Tags: 03/08, coupons, savings, shopping

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