Anna (bcmom) wrote,

Rebates, Rebates, and more Rebates

We got tax software in the mail, both H&R Block's TaxCut and TurboTax.  How nice of them to send us their software!  Last year we used the TaxCut even though we usually use TurboTax - because they sent it to us, and it was FREE.  This year, when it came in the mail we just thought it was very nice of them to send it to us again.  Then, Jeffrey got an email telling him that he should have received it by now, and that it would cost $39.99.  Upon closer inspection of the software we found that it did indeed say that we would have to pay to use it this year.

Well, every year all the stores advertise this same tax software - for the same price.  What's different is that not only do we get the tax software, but we can also get a whole lot of other stuff for FREE - after rebate.  So why would I pay the same amount of money for just the tax software?  Sunday we went out and bought TurboTax, along with anti-virus software, home design software, anti-spy software, CD and DVD burning software, and learn to speak Spanish software.  Now I have rebates, rebates, and more rebates to put together and get mailed. 
Tags: rebates, savings

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