Anna (bcmom) wrote,

I Love Walgreens

I get all kinds of things at Walgreens.  Often, those things are FREE, and sometimes they even pay me if I have the right coupons.  I'm talking about the Easy Saver rebate catalog they have every month.  It has all kinds of coupons and rebates in it. Since I shop there all the time, I always have them put my rebate on a Walgreens gift card, and they give me a 10% bonus on my rebates.

A couple days ago, I got the postcard telling me how much had been credited to my gift card for my December rebates.  There was an item listed on there that said NO REBATE - Item not found on receipt.  What?  I know I  had everything I was supposed to have.  Well, today I was double checking to see what happened.  I bought what I was supposed to buy, but I put the wrong rebate number on my receipt and filled in the wrong offer on my sheet.  The offer I selected would have only given me $1 back, but the offer I was supposed to select was for $2.  So, they corrected my mistake - paid me the $2 I was supposed to get and not the $1 I wasn't.

I do a lot of rebates.  I know that if a lot of rebates aren't done exactly the way they want it, they will use that as an excuse not to pay.  Not Walgreens.  They knew what I really meant.
Tags: rebates, savings, shopping
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