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The Way I Think it Should Be

which is, of course, the way it should be!

Jeffrey got his eyes checked a couple weeks ago.  This time he gets to wear bifocals.  Since his eyes aren't really that bad, he decided to wait to get new glasses until I found a good deal on them.  This Sunday's paper had an ad from Stein Optical advertising no-line bifocals - two pair for $149, so we figured that was the deal.  He called from work yesterday saying that he had gone over there to look at lunch time - there's one really close to work, so that was convenient.  He found some glasses he kind of liked, but he wanted me to look at them and help him pick some out.  Since Beth had to work at 5pm, I decided (Jeffrey's idea) to get a ride with Beth.  No sense in having all three vehicles there when we didn't need to.

Cory was going to stay  home, but he's been wanting to get his hair cut.  He has been looking rather shaggy recently.  He doesn't seem to like the idea of just letting us take the clippers to him anymore.  So, when I mentioned that Cory could help his dad pick out glasses and also get his hair cut, he jumped at the chance to tag along.  Jeffrey met us at Marshall's, where Beth works, and we went looking at glasses.  Conveniently, there was a hair cut place just a few door down from the optical place, so Cory went down and found out they could get him right in.  So, while Jeffrey looked at glasses, Cory and I walked down and got his hair cut.  He looks so much better now!

Then we went back and got Jeffrey's glasses picked out.  We took him his motorcycle helmet, because one of the things he was looking for in glasses was that he could put them on fairly easily with the helmet on.  Priorities, you know.  They were trying to talk him into upgrading to the thinner lenses, but, because his prescription isn't that strong, he really doesn't need them.  So he just went with the basic lenses.  I did find out that if I go there to get glasses, I can upgrade to the thinner lenses, which I do need, for just $50 - for two pairs.  With the bifocals, Jeffrey would have had to pay $50 for each pair.  I will probably be going back there to get myself some new glasses after the first of the year.

By the time we got finished with the whole glasses thing, Cory was starving, so we decided to go somewhere to eat.  I said we had leftovers at home we could warm up, but neither one of the boys thought they wanted that.  We have a coupon book that expires at the end of the month, so I had grabbed that, just in case.  I found some coupons for a couple different Italian restaurants, so we decided to try one.  The coupons are for buy one dinner, get one free.  It's a good way to get people to try something new.  It was a pleasant restaurant, and there were quite a few people there.  We weren't overly impressed by the food, and I noticed that most people were eating the pizza, so maybe their pizza is good?  I mean, the food wasn't horrible, just nothing to write home about.  Come on - a little garlic and Italian seasoning in the sauce would have been a huge improvement.  Anyway, we got the bill, and the total didn't seem right.  We were trying to figure out what they did because it wasn't clear.  Come to find out, our coupon was good for one free dinner, up to $10.  Mine was $10something, Jeffrey's was $9something, and Cory got a burger for $6something.  They took Cory's burger off for the coupon.  Oh yeah, I'm sure that's what's best for them - take off whatever costs the least.  However, since we bought one dinner and then another one for less than the $10 the coupon could be used for, I expect to get the second one free - not the item that costs the least.  It's like being penalized for spending more money in their restaurant.  If Cory had stayed home and Jeffrey and I happened to go there on our own, then they would have automatically discounted the $9something dinner.  But, since we brought another person along, they wanted to apply the coupon to the extra, cheaper thing.

Sorry, I just don't think that's the way it's supposed to work.  Our waitress ended up calling the manager over, and she offered to re-do the bill and deduct the dinner and not the burger - because she hopes we'll come back.  We didn't tell her that we won't be, and not because of the coupon thing.  It's just that their food isn't worth going back for.   I almost wish we had just gone to Subway again, since I still have one more coupon for that.  Yeah, at Subway, we buy one sub and get one free.  If we had gone there, both the guys would have wanted a foot-long, so we would have paid for one and gotten one free.  Then I would have gotten a 6-inch, and we would have paid for that one.  I know, because we've done it before.  They don't try to get away with making us pay for the foot-longs and only getting the 6-inch free.

I do like having the coupons though, because they do their job of getting people in the door to try a place they might not have tried otherwise - or even known existed, for that matter.  We found one of our favorite restaurants by using one of those coupons - Lemon Grass.  That place is awesome!  We have gone back several times, even without a coupon.  Also, we tried Papa Murphy's pizza because we had the coupons, and we love their pizza.  I don't know why we never tried it before.
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