Anna (bcmom) wrote,

The State of Marriage

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It's a sorry state of affairs when someone actually feels the need to ask a married couple, "Is this relationship forever?"

Those may not be her exact words, but it's something to that effect. I keep hearing the promos for the Barbara Walters special airing tonight. She's interviewing David Beckham and his wife, that Spice Girl, and she actually asks them this. Because in my world marriage means forever, this just seems so wrong every time I hear it. I want to say, "Of course it's forever. They're married, aren't they?"

Unfortunately, in this day and age, marriage just doesn't mean that much any more. They say "Until death do us part" but they really mean, "Until we don't feel like it any more." I keep wondering why they even bother to get married in the first place.

-all this from hearing the promo and the question. I have no clue what Becks and Posh actually had to say when Barbara asked them that question.
Tags: marriage
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